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Enroll | Concentrates Specialist – Online Course for Dispensary Budtenders

“Insightful, easy-to-understand course that gives you a greater understanding of concentrates. It even goes the extra step to introduce the future of cannabis extraction.” Interactive 6-unit course connects you to the information you need to be a Concentrates Specialist at a dispensary Dispensary-approved program Take a single unit at a time and work your way through at your own pace While this course can be taken anywhere, it is best to take it from a legal marijuana state. or request information from

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Budtender School Curriculum for Online Courses

Budtender Curriculum for online courses at In each online budtender course, you will learn and become familiar with the topics below Budtending; flower classification; current and popular cannabis product trends Patient Care Customer Psychology Methods Flower Classifications Edibles & Concentrates Personal Presentation Medical Marijuana Awareness Health & Safety Practices Certificate of Achievement Knowledge Verification* Membership Club Rewards Herbal Risings budtender school and online courses provide each member with comprehensive education in all aspects of the marijuana industry.

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Budtending School – What are the advantages?

Budtending School can help you to gain knowledge and learn the basic skills that are very helpful in dispensary jobs. These courses equip the budtenders to communicate with patients, improve knowledge, and increase productivity. Budtending School Verses Marijuana School A budtending school focuses on job training such as the effects of cannabis, customer communications, basic team support skills, and privacy standards. Marijuana schools focus on horticulture and the actual anatomy of a plant. Budtending school is a great place to learn how to become a budtender. It is important to remember that getting a job in a dispensary is not about being the best smoker. Budtending school trains and prepares job seekers to work in a dispensary. Using the approaches documented at budtending schools such as Herbal Risings Cannabis Career College, entry-level and experiences budtenders can easily implement, identify, support and demonstrate quality health care services. The course will help them …

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